Change is good

So, while the second book was no where near complete, I hasn’t expected to change so much of it. After drawn out conversation with nik where one thing lead to another, I decided to make a few changes. These changes will start in book one. So my next task is to go back and adjust the details in forgotten guardian. Then continue with my revisions to get book 1 out.



Son of a dancing troll… I hate you a little bit sometimes. I could resist getting caught up in something like CSI – because I’m sorry the show bores me to tears. But then you had to go and put something on like Supernatural. So you take this formula of two amazingly beautiful men who are snarky and sarcastic and add to it the element of darkness and demons. BLAST YOU!

My qualm with this… is that I have an obsessive personality. I have since I was a child – but I know this. I truly live by the “know thyself” motto and took a good amount of time to do some soul searching. I can usually direct my obsessions into productive projects (such as my books). Every now and then however, something that I consider non productive (like television) will suck me in. 

So now – I’m stuck at chapter for revising my book because my mind keeps wandering to what’s going to happen to Sam and Dean next. Again – I hate you a little bit sometimes. 

I may be the only author that does this, but I try to mentally cast my characters. I don’t base them off of pre-existing actors, but I try to find someone that fits the part after I already have them created. So of course the coincidence in this, is I had a conversation with Nikki a few months ago about how she thought Jared Padalecki would make a perfect Kaidd. I was torn, because it was just a picture and I had no context. Well as I was searching through faces, I stumble across Jensen Ackles for Kaidd’s cousin. I passed it up only because I recognized the name enough to know it would never happen. 

That is when Terry started watching the series and completely unaware of the discussion Nik and already had, started pointing out how both boys could work for my current characters. He traps me during dinner and I start watching the series. I explain to him that they don’t work for Nicholai and Nathan, but they truly would make a perfect Kaidd and Skye. Their chemistry as is per Supernatural is spot on to the way I wrote the boys. Gotta love that collective consciousness. 

I’m not taking a hiatus from my book while we burn through the series (we’ll only be just starting series 3 tomorrow)… I just have to find a way to split my focus. Not easy. Not easy at all… I need more time in the day. 

Speaking of which… it’s 12:01 and I should really go to bed. Oh – yup. I’m being chased out of my office because the puppy has gas. Dear lord what crawled in your butt and died?!?!?!!!

My little garden

My little garden

My puppy has decided she likes chewing on my vegetables. So I had to move everything beyond the gate so she can’t get to them. This provided me with the opportunity to replant a few things and generally clean the whole thing up.

And THEN wouldn’t you know – we get a torrential downpour that I know has ruined a good many of the seedlings I just planted. It was still raining when the dark fell, so I’ll have to check out the damage tomorrow.

Saved the world tonight

So… it’s about 1 AM. I’m usually in bed right now. My kitchen is kind of a mess, but we had fun. Our friend Jenna finally got back from an extremely long hiatus to Europe. One of the perks of working on a cruise line. Lucky so and so. Of course we had to have her over for dinner, to catch up and to play – board games!

So we go for our old stand-by – PANDEMIC. I freaking love this game. We lost, immediately. Like didn’t even get through the 2nd round. Reset quickly and start strategizing. At the absolute last move – we won the game. HOORAY! We saved the world. 

Nikki came over today. Of course we didn’t get ANYTHING finished with the books. Not that I actually expected to. When we get together – we never ACTUALLY get anything accomplished. And because company was over – I couldn’t corner her in the car on her drive home. That’s usually the norm. She can’t get distracted by facebook or by stupid online memes. 

Well, I think I’m going to turn in. Good night world

More revisions…

So… When I sent my book over to Nikki, I had 168k words. I’m not quite half way through with my revisions and that count has just gone up to 177k. Decent I believe. I wish I could work faster. Mind you, 2k words a night isn’t bad – and it’s not that I can’t TYPE faster, but I’m not just typing. I’m working through exactly how words should sound coming from them. I’m reading over all the material that I wrote previously to make sure that it flows.

After this revision, I’ll be reading it over from the very beginning and checking it myself. Then it goes back to Nikki and then hopefully for proofreading. Once proofreading is done… then I’m set.

So I have technically 7 days left on kickstarter. I’ve made it up to $360, just over 14%. Why is it anything like this always ends up being something of a popularity contest. I can’t expect to get known without having that initial chance.
Kickstarter Page

And what’s with popularity contests to begin with? I always hated those. It’s not that I wasn’t well liked – it’s that I have one of those unrecognizable faces. I am everywoman. I meet random people on the street and they’re mistaking me for this person or that – yet no one actually remembers who I am. It took a friend of ours 6 months to recognize me out of context on the street.

Anyway, I’m calling it a night. Happy Birthday to my dear friend Sam. I’m happy I was able to talk to you today. I don’t talk to you enough and of course that’s partly my fault. I send you loves out into the universe and hope they find you.

Good night everyone.

Why so soon?

There I go… MIA again. What a crazy week. Not that I especially expected to get any work done with my mom in the hospital, but still. Nothing big, simple and routine… but of course it got blown out of proportion by the WORST nursing staff I have ever come across in my lifetime! No, you lazy Pepin biotch, I will not call you back a fourth time, you can stop what you’re doing, look at my mother’s chart and tell me what’s going on with her. 

That on top of a Tropical Storm and the worst headaches I’ve had in years – yeah I didn’t do anything – SHUDDUP!

Today, I did something. I sat at my friend’s house and forced out the section I’ve been stalling over. It’s not that I didn’t want to write it, I just couldn’t get into the perspective. Now I have to go back, read over some of the revisions I’ve already done and make a couple changes. Which is fine. The more I mess with it, the more polished it becomes. 

And now I’m sitting here, it’s only 9:30 and I’m ready to go back to bed. Somehow that just doesn’t seem fair. Why does tomorrow have to be Monday already?