More revisions…

So… When I sent my book over to Nikki, I had 168k words. I’m not quite half way through with my revisions and that count has just gone up to 177k. Decent I believe. I wish I could work faster. Mind you, 2k words a night isn’t bad – and it’s not that I can’t TYPE faster, but I’m not just typing. I’m working through exactly how words should sound coming from them. I’m reading over all the material that I wrote previously to make sure that it flows.

After this revision, I’ll be reading it over from the very beginning and checking it myself. Then it goes back to Nikki and then hopefully for proofreading. Once proofreading is done… then I’m set.

So I have technically 7 days left on kickstarter. I’ve made it up to $360, just over 14%. Why is it anything like this always ends up being something of a popularity contest. I can’t expect to get known without having that initial chance.
Kickstarter Page

And what’s with popularity contests to begin with? I always hated those. It’s not that I wasn’t well liked – it’s that I have one of those unrecognizable faces. I am everywoman. I meet random people on the street and they’re mistaking me for this person or that – yet no one actually remembers who I am. It took a friend of ours 6 months to recognize me out of context on the street.

Anyway, I’m calling it a night. Happy Birthday to my dear friend Sam. I’m happy I was able to talk to you today. I don’t talk to you enough and of course that’s partly my fault. I send you loves out into the universe and hope they find you.

Good night everyone.


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