Saved the world tonight

So… it’s about 1 AM. I’m usually in bed right now. My kitchen is kind of a mess, but we had fun. Our friend Jenna finally got back from an extremely long hiatus to Europe. One of the perks of working on a cruise line. Lucky so and so. Of course we had to have her over for dinner, to catch up and to play – board games!

So we go for our old stand-by – PANDEMIC. I freaking love this game. We lost, immediately. Like didn’t even get through the 2nd round. Reset quickly and start strategizing. At the absolute last move – we won the game. HOORAY! We saved the world. 

Nikki came over today. Of course we didn’t get ANYTHING finished with the books. Not that I actually expected to. When we get together – we never ACTUALLY get anything accomplished. And because company was over – I couldn’t corner her in the car on her drive home. That’s usually the norm. She can’t get distracted by facebook or by stupid online memes. 

Well, I think I’m going to turn in. Good night world


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