64 hours

The timer ticks down today. Two days, a handful of hours already gone. I didn’t quite make it over 15%. It’s disappointing to say the least. What does it mean? Did I not give it enough time. Did the fact I have no video hurt me so much. No stretch goals listed? I don’t know. Why post stretch goals if I can’t even break $500? Or is it that truly no one is interested in the story? Is this my love and mine alone? 

I find that hard to believe. I have pretty broad tastes, and while I’d never label myself as a hipster, I have always found myself enjoying the things that become trends later on. So did I jump the gun? Is it just that no one is ready for it yet? 

I have a Kickstarter exclusive cilp on the page and a link to part of chapter one. Check it out, let me know what you think. 

We worked out a few details last night for the series. Answered a few questions. They are going to have everything someone could want from a science fiction series. They’ll range from comedy to drama, there’s wars to fight, hearts to win, prophecies to fulfill. There’s love, loyalty and betrayal; not to mention sacrifice. Oh the things we’ll sacrifice for the people we love, or for what’s right. 

I will leave this with a clip from the book. Have fun reading: 

“What do you mean?” Nathan asked, finally looking up.

“You were at fault Nathan. I can see your passive memories. You saw the man as he was approaching the kid. You were so distracted over what you thought had happened that you missed it entirely. They’re going to claim you’re responsible for that man’s death.” The larger man swallowed hard and straightened.

“You’ll be placed on suspension; you’ll be reassigned to another Apocrisiary. You won’t be allowed to retain an apprentice, and they will probably reassign Aria as well just because she was caught in the middle of this whole thing.” He knew Nathan was aware of all the consequences for his actions.  

“I’m sorry I punched you,” Nathan told him helplessly.

“At least you didn’t break my jaw again,” Nicholai said.

“I thought about it,” Nathan admitted. He stared down at the blood splatter on the floor while Nicholai tested his nose; it had finally stopped bleeding. He sat up and looked at his brother, his mind racing.

“I have an idea though. Can you tell a convincing lie?”  Nicholai asked.

“To a Tribunal of Daduchos? Not a chance,” Nathan rebuked.

“No, can you be convincing?”

“I’ve played a hand of cards or two,” He gave Nicholai a confused look.

“I may be able to shield you. You tell them what happened, leaving all this out about Aria. When they do the interrogation, all they’ll sense is exactly what you’re saying.”

“What if they put us on separate tribunals? I’ve known that to happen before,” Nathan reminded him. “Why don’t you just alter my memories?” Nicholai forced himself to not noticeably react.

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh come on. I know you can do it. I don’t know how you do it, but you wouldn’t be alive otherwise,” Nathan told him. Nicholai remained quiet once more. “You’ve done it to me before haven’t you?”

“I would much rather just cover what they’ll see. They’re not going to separate us. It’s not that large of a case. Besides, if they found you responsible, Masory would want me present at the ruling for my own reaction.

“I like how you didn’t answer that. I don’t like this… Lying to them could be just as bad for you as picking up a powerstaff. I don’t want to lose you just because I screwed up.” Nathan told him, panic edging into his eyes.

“It’s only lying… if they find out,” Nicholai said, tossing his brother a confident smile.

“What do I do?” Nathan asked.

“You’re going to have to give me permission spend some time up there,” Nicholai said, tapping his own temple. “I have to see the way you think so I can show them what they’ll be expecting.” Nathan nodded as Nicholai got up from his seat and walked over to face his brother. 


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