Hello random afternoon thunderstorm. Okay, this is FL, I shouldn’t be that surprised, but still, I am. Today has been one hell of a week. Kicked it off with a sick kid, doctor appointment for my mom meant she had to go to the hospital. Moving along to sick boyfriend and low and behold, sick ass me. Blegh. 

So I sit here, recuperating from a long day. I stuck it out today, I probably shouldn’t have because I feel like crap, but oh well. I’ve used so much sick time lately between my mom, son and self. 

It occurred to me that I have a world created where I can throw around as much lalafrufru magic that I want. We’re talking books here people, keep up. I have centuries of writing to be filled in for what happened on the other side of the veil after the fae from Avalon separated the worlds. Every fairy tale creature just waiting to have a new back story explained. Not so much new, as combining all of the myths. It’ll all come later, and definitely something to do on the side… but I won’t have to hold back. Different series, different set of magic rules. 

Of course it would be smart to finish editing one book before I start writing the next. I wouldn’t say I’ve started writing the next… so much as getting ideas out. I’m still floundering from lack of inspiration and I just don’t know why. Fatigue, stress, depression – who knows. I just wish I could pull myself out of this slump.

I’d say let’s keep going, but I think I’m going to go lay down while I listen to the storm. Maybe a bit more sleep. Once I’m no longer sick and coughing, I’ll try working again. 


A new thank you

Just a quick thank you for the new people that have liked or followed my blog in the last couple months. Since I haven’t been posting that much, I haven’t had that many updates. But your support still means a lot!

Michael Armstrong
Phillip Johnson 
Russel Deasley 
Glenn Folkes 
Sterling Arthur Leva 
Dieter Rogiers 
Nora Hyde 
Drew Iaconis 


I have found that the biggest mistake you can make, whether it’s writing or editing, is stopping in the middle of what you’re working on. Get through your full draft, push through that boring editing. The moment you stop in the middle – everything just fizzles away.

Life jumps up impatiently and says “do this, go here, discover this… oh yeah, and forget that.” Whatever momentum you might have had built up just trickles away like the tide retreating back to the ocean. And until that swell returns, you might as well forget being able to pick back up where you were. 

A big part of me wants to try and knock out a draft of my other book. The pragmatic side however keeps urging me to focus on one thing at a time. My brain has never enjoyed working on one thing at a time, so even that is a trial in itself. 

Will I be able to get Forgotten Guardian published though? I’ll be able to pick it back up and have it done before the end of the year. Short of planning for Terry’s birthday now, there’s not really too much to get in the way. Well of course the usual. Ethan’s school, work, holidays – daily crap that comes and goes. 

My boy came home today. He came rushing out of the house when I got home from work, only to immediately ask if he could go play with his friends. I went out of my way to make him his favorite dish, and he only ate like 3 bites. He was anxious and excited though – things will be better tomorrow I’m sure. 

I have a hope – that sounds moronic – whatever. I have an expired IUD. Well what I didn’t realize is that one of the side effects from these IUD’s is weight gain. So I’m planning on getting it removed and hoping to high heavens to discover that’s the reason I haven’t been able to lose any weight since Ethan was born. It would make sense. With as few calories as I consume and as much energy as I expel, there is NO reason I shouldn’t be able to lose weight unless there is another factor. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed there.

Otherwise… I’m sitting here thinking I’ve been giving into sleep too willingly. It’s not quite ten thirty and I’m ready to retreat to the bedroom and pass the blazes out. *sigh* I have to not only be able to stay up till at least 11-11:30, but still be able to get up at 6:30. Otherwise I will never be able to accomplish anything.

Get up early, work out a little bit – get the kid ready for school, me ready for work and head out. Work – duh. Get home, make dinner, eat, family time, clean up, go for evening walk/run. Get boy cleaned up, clean up kitchen, do whatever laundry. Kid to bed by 9. That means the only time I have to do anything is between 9 and ______ whatever the hell time it is I give up and die with my pillow. Those few hours need to be my most productive. 

I suppose my other alternative would be go to bed about 9-10 and get up early. Do whatever morning work out routine I designate and then try to do my writing in the AM. I tend to think better in the morning. By the end of the night I’m ready to dig my eyes out of my skull. I suppose I’ll see if I can work on getting up at a time even the birds find obscene. 

Human… stahp….

I stayed up late last night. Not that inspiration really struck me, but I know if I don’t force myself to sit down and start writing again, It’ll be months before I pick it up again. It will NOT be months! A month off is a decent enough time, especially after spending 6 of them glued to the computer. 

As a result of last night however, I have a pretty well defined and re-imagined plot for a book. It’s a lot longer than I first envisioned, but that’s okay. I think it will be a nice change of gears once I’m finished editing Forgotten Guardian. 

So I’ve been exercising a bit more. Essentially trying to get myself into a more active routine. Trying to make some good habits to live by BEFORE my son gets back from his summer vacation. So I took our puppy for a walk tonight. We’ve gone on quite a few walks around the neighborhood and back these last couple weeks. Tonight – I escalated the walk to a bit of jogging. Tipsy, the lab puppy, was not fond of this attempt. She trotted along with me for a ways before slowing down to get me to stop. At one point she even sat herself down int he middle of the jog and just stared up at me as though I’d lost my marbles. 

Perhaps I have lost them… but I’ll tell you something… I feel pretty good tonight. Dishes are mostly clean, house is clean, laundry is done, I had about 40 minutes of good cardio and a nice cool shower… I could definitely get used to this routine.