Human… stahp….

I stayed up late last night. Not that inspiration really struck me, but I know if I don’t force myself to sit down and start writing again, It’ll be months before I pick it up again. It will NOT be months! A month off is a decent enough time, especially after spending 6 of them glued to the computer. 

As a result of last night however, I have a pretty well defined and re-imagined plot for a book. It’s a lot longer than I first envisioned, but that’s okay. I think it will be a nice change of gears once I’m finished editing Forgotten Guardian. 

So I’ve been exercising a bit more. Essentially trying to get myself into a more active routine. Trying to make some good habits to live by BEFORE my son gets back from his summer vacation. So I took our puppy for a walk tonight. We’ve gone on quite a few walks around the neighborhood and back these last couple weeks. Tonight – I escalated the walk to a bit of jogging. Tipsy, the lab puppy, was not fond of this attempt. She trotted along with me for a ways before slowing down to get me to stop. At one point she even sat herself down int he middle of the jog and just stared up at me as though I’d lost my marbles. 

Perhaps I have lost them… but I’ll tell you something… I feel pretty good tonight. Dishes are mostly clean, house is clean, laundry is done, I had about 40 minutes of good cardio and a nice cool shower… I could definitely get used to this routine. 


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