Not tonight… I’m going to bed early with a movie and box of tissues. 


Ahh… Sunda– never mind I had an idea!

Doors open down the hall. I’m no longer the only one up. This would be good, except when other people are up they’re distracting. Mind you it’s after 8 AM, so they SHOULD be up – but still. 

It’s interesting to watch my word count as I edit my book. I knew after reading it through there were a lot of adjustments to be made. The word count at the bottom climbs a bit, then drops back down as I delete a section. It’s hovering somewhere around 178k. It may decrease, it may not. I’m not very worried about it at this point. I had a bit of repetition in the book that needed to come out. 

You see when trying to juggle everything else with writing, I forget exactly what I’ve covered and how. I also don’t have a memory for details. But I’ve recently read it enough times that I know where I need to take some things out. 

And… I just thought of something to add… Another scene with our antagonist… and Nicholai’s rebuke. A pretty good reason he was so distracted at at the end of the war. Hooray for moments of clarity. Now I have to go write that down. tata.

Why bother?

Every now and then you’ll say something and I realize just how ill-suited we are for each other. How little you’ve ever actually paid attention to the things I’ve said. Admittedly, I’ve about given up. Day in, day out, nothing ever changes. You’re stuck behind your computer, trolling on facebook or playing your little games while you monopolize the TV at the same time – essentially driving everyone out of the living room. The dishes pile up, the bathroom grime builds. It’s not until I flat out refuse to touch any of it that you ever get up to help. Or I tell you to. A zombie wedding? Really? With $90k, that’s what you think I would want? Why am I still doing this? 

Goddess grant me the patience to get through these next few months. To get Forgotten Guardian edited so I can finally move it to the printers. Grant me the patience to not bludgeon my roommate to a bloody pulp and the insight to make the right decisions when they appear. Yes, I am actively asking for assistance. Throwing it out there for the world to hear… or read rather. 

A couple hours of work here and there. This process is taking forever. I can’t afford to stay up all night, not with everything else that’s going on. Staying up would just start my eye twitching again and I can’t handle much more of that. 

I kept the tablet. As desperately as I need money… it was too good of an opportunity to pass up for my books. To be able to have a single file that I can work on wherever I am? Stuck in a doctor’s office, or waiting on AAA… It’s already helped me breeze through about twenty pages. Out of over four hundred, yep… I’ll take it. 

Testing 1…2…3…

So, i decided to keep my tablet. Admittedly I’m kind of amused. Partly because I can scribble w/my finger and amazingly this thing recognizes my writing. I am astounded I because my print is atrocious. Punctuation is a bit off, but l in working on it.

There are a few glitches I have to get used to. I prefer android over microsoft, but for a free fully functioning computer tablet, I can’t complain. now to work on some editing. 

Groggy morning

If only I could just wake up. I’m sitting here staring uselessly at the screen wishing my eyes would stay open. I don’t want it to be one of those days. I have little to do however at work. I should enjoy the lull seeing as how the “busy season” is right around the corner – but it makes for long, dragging days. 

So I’m sitting here with a boxed tablet on my desk. Generally I’m excited about new technology, but for some reason I just can’t excited about this little thing. Odd because it didn’t cost me a penny. I’d been considering selling it – however after watching a review for it last night, I’m reconsidering. This tiny tablet would actually be perfect for editing my book. It’s a full Windows tablet complete with a full copy of Microsoft Office. While my laptop provides me with a level of portability, it’s a hassle to take anywhere and my battery life isn’t so great on it. 

I suppose I need to go get ready for work. I have to leave in about ten minutes. I don’t know where my good dress slacks went. How odd.