Groggy morning

If only I could just wake up. I’m sitting here staring uselessly at the screen wishing my eyes would stay open. I don’t want it to be one of those days. I have little to do however at work. I should enjoy the lull seeing as how the “busy season” is right around the corner – but it makes for long, dragging days. 

So I’m sitting here with a boxed tablet on my desk. Generally I’m excited about new technology, but for some reason I just can’t excited about this little thing. Odd because it didn’t cost me a penny. I’d been considering selling it – however after watching a review for it last night, I’m reconsidering. This tiny tablet would actually be perfect for editing my book. It’s a full Windows tablet complete with a full copy of Microsoft Office. While my laptop provides me with a level of portability, it’s a hassle to take anywhere and my battery life isn’t so great on it. 

I suppose I need to go get ready for work. I have to leave in about ten minutes. I don’t know where my good dress slacks went. How odd. 


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