Ahh… Sunda– never mind I had an idea!

Doors open down the hall. I’m no longer the only one up. This would be good, except when other people are up they’re distracting. Mind you it’s after 8 AM, so they SHOULD be up – but still. 

It’s interesting to watch my word count as I edit my book. I knew after reading it through there were a lot of adjustments to be made. The word count at the bottom climbs a bit, then drops back down as I delete a section. It’s hovering somewhere around 178k. It may decrease, it may not. I’m not very worried about it at this point. I had a bit of repetition in the book that needed to come out. 

You see when trying to juggle everything else with writing, I forget exactly what I’ve covered and how. I also don’t have a memory for details. But I’ve recently read it enough times that I know where I need to take some things out. 

And… I just thought of something to add… Another scene with our antagonist… and Nicholai’s rebuke. A pretty good reason he was so distracted at at the end of the war. Hooray for moments of clarity. Now I have to go write that down. tata.


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