Can I come out of hiding yet?

I should be doing something useful with my time… such as cleaning the few dishes I have, or reorganizing my bedroom… or you know, putting the overflowing hamper of clean laundry away (gracious I hate putting laundry away). And yet here I sit at my computer. I’m frazzled tonight. It was a VERY long Monday. We had most of the week off so we all returned to utter chaos and people needing stuff NOW!


Not your typical Monday is all. 

I want to write… I just don’t think I have it in me. I want to go to bed. Bed would be delicious right now. Instead, I think I’m going finish this post, maybe jot down a few ideas and start working on the laundry. At least that will be something accomplished this evening. I have it quietly to myself. My counterpart is at a meeting and the small one is 60 miles away with his other grandmother. 

My home is kind of in ruin. I need to get the Christmas stuff put away. I’m so very happy that I didn’t pull it all out this year. I might be crying at this point. As it is, I’m dreading the process. Dragging out the tubs so I can stuff everything back away. returning all the tubs to their home in the shed. 

So a fence was destroyed over the weekend at one of our properties. We figured vandalism, so we contacted the actual owner of the fence; a day care that borders the land. A child of portly size accidentally leaned against this vinyl fence, accidentally popping out nearly a dozen planks. My boss mentioned he was happy his daughter didn’t go to this day care. I pointed out there would be daily attempted pre-k break outs. “Okay butterball, strap on this bike helmet and charge like a linebacker!” Tommy Pickles would have LOVED this place. 


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