busy Bees?

What an afternoon. So we lounged around for a while. It was a warm Sunday and I just couldn’t get motivated. I finally decided however that I at LEAST need to get the Holiday stuff down. So I get up and get moving. Luckily I hadn’t put very much out so that process didn’t take long. I opened up the garage, looked inside and promptly closed it. Too much work.

Well as I was coming inside, Terry came out and popped the garage. Having someone to work with makes things go a lot quicker. So we buckle down and work on the garage. All 3 beds are tied up in the corner. I would get rid of them, but beds are just so expensive, and I’d hate to be without one if we end up needing it. 

Shelves moved around, floors swept, walls sprayed down with Microban – looks like we’re good. I’m filthy, standing in the kitchen wondering what in the blazes to do for food. I’d had a couple pieces of bacon. So I decide to get some recipes together and put my crock pot to the test this week. I ran up to the store and gathered my supplies. 

I have 8 meals in the freezer. All I have to do is pull one out, stick it in the crock pot in the morning and eat that evening. Prep was amazingly simple. It only took me 2 hours to get them all ready. I’ll post my reviews of each of the recipes as I try them out. I also took another hour to set up breakfasts and lunches for us for the whole week. Yeah, industrious right? It won’t last. I can dream, but I know me. Maybe a couple weeks. Although… if all it takes to for dinner, breakfast and lunch is a couple hours one weekend and then I have free time in the afternoon… I might get spoiled. Maybe this could work. 

We’re trying to go as unprocessed as possible. Instead of cutting things out though, we’re adding things. So when we have a bunch of veggies and herbs, there’s not much room for the crappy stuff. Once eating healthy is down, and I have all this extra time in the afternoon… I’ll be able to work more on my books and start getting some exercise under my belt. 

So I had this wild dream last night. Details escape me (they always do), but the overall story? I think I might use. It’s not all that dissimilar to my young reader book that I’m working on… but I think it might be different enough that I could run with it. I also finally got smacked in the face with a decent plot for the kid’s book that I’ve been dying to write. The problem is, I over narrate. This kid’s book would end up huge! It’ll be a practice of keeping it simple. 

Tomorrow afternoon… I need to go through the tubs of my mother’s needlepoint work. I told my aunt that I’d send her a few of the packets if any of them looked complete. She’s getting ready to go through hip surgery and needs something to work on while she recoups. 


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