Tarrius Orinu

We meet Tarrius as a thirty something man who is a genius when it comes to computers and programming. He’s decent with people, equally decent with a sidearm. You discover in the very beginning that he is the love interest of one of our primary protagonists. So how do I, as a writer get you to fall in love with Tarrius. It isn’t just making him a smart-ass, or good looking; there needs to be more substance than that. He has to have a background, he has to become a person, not just a name on paper.

Tarrius’s father, Casey, was a factory worker. He assembled those little parts that go into pneumatic pumps for chairs and items his entire life. He met Yoki, Tarrius’s mother, when she was very young. He was already in his thirties. Yoki was a hippie, for lack of better terms. She didn’t hold down a job because she disliked working for “big brother” and found peace in a nomadic lifestyle. She was spiritual and centered, and Casey fell head over heals for her. They married and shortly after came Tarrius. They lived in utopia for another seven years until Cameron was born, Tarrius’s baby brother. That’s when things changed. Casey started coming home late, often smelling of alcohol. He became vocal and abusive until one day, he just didn’t come home.

Despite his growing problems, the family was devastated at his loss. There was no body or sign of death, so there were no benefits awarded to them. Yoki had to take the responsibility that she’d put off in her youth and get two, full time jobs to get everything paid off. Casey had put them in quite a bit of debt before his disappearance. Tarrius had already been accepted into honors programs and gifted programs, which he suddenly had to decline so that he could help take care of Cameron while Yoki worked. Tarrius never complained, though Cameron grew to be rather rebellious. He didn’t like his older brother telling him what to do.

Tarrius was able to graduate, but just barely because of the time he’d missed each year. He was still a prodigy when it came to computers, and started using his skills underhandedly to help make money. He secured tech position with a computer and systems repair company to appear legitimate. Camron joined the military immediately upon graduation. He’d grown out of his rebellious nature after being away for a couple of years. Tarrius was able to strike up a friendship with his brother at that point.tarri


He has history and a story to tell. He can flaunt his absent father as an excuse, and sing praises about his strong mother. And this is the same sort of process that every character should have. You don’t just need a name to fill in a space, you need a person. Why is that person there that day? Even Briona, the first minor character that appears in Forgotten Guardian has a bit of history. There’s a reason why she started forging documents. Every face needs a story.


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