Sure, let me juggle that.

On hold? No way… just folded into the rest of the mix. 

So I got engaged this weekend. Yes, I’m the one that proposed, but that’s because I’ve been the one afraid of marriage. So I am now working in all of my other projects in with our wedding plans. No rest for the weary. 

So, Book – still working on.

Move – delayed (but I’m okay with it)

House clean up – work in progress

losing weight – (kicked into a priority)

Wedding planning – (hard core with a lot of DIY)

Honeymoon planning – (we may actually get to leave the country)

Cookies – (still moving right along)



One thought on “Sure, let me juggle that.

  1. kirizar says:

    I just found your posting, so belated congratulations. How many of the above list did you manage to accomplish? I had gamophobia myself. (Which makes it sound like I had a fear of exposure to radiation that would change me irrevocably into a stomping mad, green-skinned monster. Come to think of it…that isn’t a bad way to describe a fear of relationships at all.) Kudos if it all worked out…cookies if it didn’t.

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