I forgot what I was doing…

Writing is an organic process. Yeah, sure you can draft up a detailed outline from point A all the way out to Z and fill in the blanks, but don’t you DARE be afraid to deviate from that formula. Go ahead, jump forward, work out that amazing part you just visualized (or if you’re like me muttered aloud to yourself over the last hour). Forcing yourself to write will get your fingers moving in a way that seems to awaken what’s hiding inside of you. It doesn’t have to make sense. You’re going to re-write the whole thing later anyway.

My shoulder is aching tonight. I had a rough night trying to exercise – my heart wasn’t really in it and Just Dance 3 was deciding to be a pain. I accomplished what I set out for though. I knocked off about 500 calories, which is great because I REALLY went over my limit today. I will fit in my corset for the wedding. I thought it would be added inspiration to work out if I purchased a corset that was a bit too small. Now I don’t have much of a choice. If nothing else, all of my blood work came back with numbers that outshine most people half my size.

I was very excited today. I ordered the first of our camping gear, a hammock that is rated as one of the best. Of course I didn’t notice that it didn’t come with the carabiners to string it up. So I’ll have to pick those up to be able to test it out. On the 21st, we’ll be making a weekend trip out to St. Augustine/Jacksonville so we can test out a few packs and boots and the like. I may even go ahead and grab our boots so we can get them broken in.


One thought on “I forgot what I was doing…

  1. Madam_W says:

    I’m such a control freak, that it’s hard for me to step out of the schedule. But I gotta try!

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