where the pieces lie

I’ve been reading over Forgotten Guardian these last couple of days. I skipped to the ending, probably the last fifth of the book. I figured by the time I get to that point, I’m tired, I’m rushing and I want to be done already. Looking at it fresh just makes sense. I was pleased to find that the changes that I made in the last draft held up nicely. There’s only one real rushed part, and it’s just a paragraph. I’ve read the book so many times though that the words bleed together. They lose their meaning, their magic. I know I have to go through and work on a little bit more before it’s ready… I’m just scared that by the time it’s done I won’t ever be able to look at it again.

I was also hoping that by jumping ahead to the end, it would help me put the pieces together to start the next book. If I could just find those edge pieces, I’d be able to build around them. So far though I’ve only found a few inner sections that snap together. I know it will come – I just wish I knew when.

Changing gears a bit – I spoke to my aunt today. They’ve been trying to sell their house for probably five years now. It’s a gorgeous home and large piece of land near Live Oak, FL. Live Oak is unfortunately in the middle of nowhere. It’s the perfect home for the right buyer, but so far the right one hasn’t appeared. They’ve gone through three different realtors and shown it probably a hundred times. I wish they could find a buyer. My aunt hasn’t been happy there since they moved. She left all of her friend’s behind because my uncle wanted to try the simple life; only to discover it wasn’t so simple.

I kind of miss my dad. That thought feels weird crossing my mind. We’ve had a strained relationship ever since I was a teen, but especially in the last ten years. I’ve finally just accepted that he is the hard-headed, opinionated, bass-ackwards person that he will always be. I can either accept him for that, or walk away. That sort of animosity isn’t necessary though. He can’t help the person he’s becoming, and he’s too old to ever change his ways. He’ll be 82 in August. I wish I could surprise him for his birthday, but it will be so close to the wedding there’s just no way.


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