Nope – try again

I attended a friend’s bridal shower today. It was nice, and fun, and I found myself sitting in a room full of someone else’s family. But I think what did it was seeing the relationship between her and her mother and soon to be mother. I’m not going to be able to share this even with my mom. We were at odds with my first wedding (everyone in my family was against it). At the time we figured it wasn’t even worth it to put money into making it an event. She was able to be at my sister’s two weddings, but I’ll never be able to have her at my side for mine. Add one more item to my pile of regrets.

I thought I found a seamstress, but every time I send her an idea she shoots it down. She provides me with a list of concerns and reasons why it won’t work or why I shouldn’t do it. At this point I’m downright irritated. There is a sewing machine sitting in my office – looks like it’s high time I learn to use it. I think it’s going to be the only way I get the dress I really want.


One thought on “Nope – try again

  1. Madam_W says:

    Oh man, sorry about your mom… As for your friends wedding: Good luck with the dress!

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