Not a good night for it

I haven’t been slacking. I’ve actually been writing. I completed book one. It’s currently being read and then will need to be proof read. To my overwhelming surprise I was able to jump right in to knock out some ideas for book 2. Only I didn’t stop. I’m not 42k words in. It’s blocky and jumps around, but you can’t expect more than that for outlining.

Tonight though… I just can’t keep my eyes open. I can either sit here and stare at the screen with my eyes propped open, or type with them closed. Don’t get me wrong. that’s actually what I’m doing right this moment, but thinking creatively when you’re half asleep doesn’t work to well.

I spent about an hour today sweating in front of the television. I’ve been working out to Just Dance for the kinect. So far I have lost 1 dress size, meaning I can finally get int some decent jeans. Bonus, I have actually FOUND some decent jeans that I actually like. SCORE!

So tonight… I’m going to bed early. I hate it. I really do. Because I have a busy weekend ahead of me. A birthday party, night out for burlesque, nieces christening, and then D&D… I believe my writing streak is over which means I should stay up as long as I possibly can tonight… but I can tell that I’m already rambling. Scary things happen to my books when I ramblewrite… it’s probably better this way.

Fingers crossed, you never know I might be able to pick back up after the weekend.


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