I’m not ready for bed.

I answered my questions. Sometimes just writing out the question is enough to get the answer to spring to life. Dialogue has been pouring out of me these last couple of days. I’m sure the people at work must think I’m crazy because it often slips out quietly as I’m thinking about it. Oh well, I’m getting my work done, and accurately. Part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and just wear my voice recorder all the time and speak up a bit. I’ll be sitting there going over words in my head and by the time I get home, I’m tired, or stressed and everything from the day is gone. I sat down tonight, excited to start pounding out ideas… until I opened the folder and just felt the world fall down on my shoulders.

Opening that file seems like a chore, not something I’ve been looking forward to all day. Finally tuning out the world means just letting my mind wander, not write.

And sometimes you just feel like sitting down and crying.

And sometimes you have a gorgeous man tell you that you’re beautiful.

I know I was going somewhere with this but dammed if I can remember where. Seems to be the way this day’s been. It’s approaching 10 already. I suppose if I didn’t have to run an errand and hadn’t ruined dinner, I would have actually had an afternoon. Oh well. Take what the universe gives you I suppose.


Why does this happen in the book?

Sometimes when you hit a wall… it helps to write down the questions that you’re stuck on. So you can’t see where the next turn of the story goes, try asking why did this current thing happen in the first place?

If you can successfully answer that without making a stretch, then you’ll find that it moves on pretty smoothly. However if you remain struggling… you might have to make the resolution to cut the hole thing. Yes, it will change a lot if not most of what you had planned… but maybe you were planning the wrong thing.

The story wants to be written how IT wants to be written. Your only job is to find the right path and follow it through to the end.

Once I get answer one done… then I’ll have to re-assess. there are other ways to work in some of the pieces to salvage ideas… don’t be so hung up on this particular thing happening right this minute.


Well I knew it was coming. The grinding halt. It’s partially my own fault. I did allow myself to veg for a week or so catching up with some old shows that I love. Then stress exploded, things changed… and here I sit, restlessly at the computer once more. Unable to keep a file open for more than a few minutes – let alone read it.

It’s like my mind is sitting at a computer prompt. Input:… So, there are a few things I should download into my brain while I take a break. Maybe it will help. It’s all about looking at things from a different perspective. And until this summer when I can disappear for a while, it’s probably better this way.