Why does this happen in the book?

Sometimes when you hit a wall… it helps to write down the questions that you’re stuck on. So you can’t see where the next turn of the story goes, try asking why did this current thing happen in the first place?

If you can successfully answer that without making a stretch, then you’ll find that it moves on pretty smoothly. However if you remain struggling… you might have to make the resolution to cut the hole thing. Yes, it will change a lot if not most of what you had planned… but maybe you were planning the wrong thing.

The story wants to be written how IT wants to be written. Your only job is to find the right path and follow it through to the end.

Once I get answer one done… then I’ll have to re-assess. there are other ways to work in some of the pieces to salvage ideas… don’t be so hung up on this particular thing happening right this minute.


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