Yona of the Dawn

I despise my brain. It’s obsessive and single minded. When I latch on to a subject, it envelopes everything. This happens when I write, it happens when I’m sexually frustrated… and it happens when I discover a show or book that sparks an interest above others.

I wish I could pick and choose where and what I’m enraptured by, but unfortunately it hits at random.

I used to watch anime. I’ve gotten away from a lot of it just because I’ve moved on to things I want to do more. My best friend hijacked the television one evening though and instantly got me hooked on the show Yona of the Dawn. I’ve just spent the last week binge watching it on Crunchyroll.com. Only to discover that they’ve only animated part of the (still ongoing) Manga. When the final episode rolled around… it wasn’t enough. So I decided to hunt down the Manga.

There’s still no closure. It hurts. The last Manga that was released leaves the series on something of a cliff hangar. I’m heartbroken. I need to know what happens… But I’m currently stuck just checking back to the website I found till something new is released.

Though in the meantime, there’s nothing else for me to really dive into. I need to see if I can push myself into the book. Hopefully by trying to focus on the characters I can dive back into writing.

I really need to find my glasses. My eyes are already aching. If I spend much more time on the computer I’m going to start getting headaches.


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