A long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away…

I suppose something should be said about the fact that I started writing this post nearly two weeks ago and I’m just sitting back down to it. I’m sure my dedication could be called into question, but I would rather blame it on inspiration. Not as far as content goes… but that spark… that drive. when your fingers itch and all you want to do is sit down and tap at the keys. When things get busy, when you get stressed… you can’t think. You can’t type straight…. think straight. Whatever, I’ve heard it both ways.

There might be mild spoilers below

I’m sitting here tonight getting ready to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I wish I could say that I was excited. I am a huge Star Wars fan, but mainly of the expanded universe. I love the books, I’ve read nearly all of them. Disney has essentially spit on them all and said they don’t exist. We now have to consider them alternate universe fodder. This irks me.

I didn’t see the original A New Hope until I was thirteen. It was on USA at that. It snared my attention and I found myself sitting through the next few hours, falling completely in love. That’s also when I discovered the books. I could not be found in High School without a Star Wars book in my hand as I navigated the hallways from memory. I may have been teased, I wasn’t paying much attention. The normals didn’t rate high enough for me care about their opinions. They were boring.

My love for the galaxy inspired me to write. It started as fan fiction… but it got me to fall in love.

I remember vividly how excited I was about the prequels before their release. As a child, I appreciated them because they bore the name Star Wars. I didn’t dissect them for their scientific inaccuracies until I grew up and started looking at details like that for my own writing.

We have since seen Star Wars. Spoilers notwithstanding, it should have been called Darth Tantrum and the never ending search for Luke Skywalker. Admittedly I didn’t leave the theater hating it. I can’t say I will any longer be a die hard fan, it’s been tainted for me. But if it can bring children back to a universe where there are smugglers, and Jedi, and Wookies…. then I suppose I can’t ask for much more. Let’s face, the episodes that will not be named couldn’t do that.