I am not crazy. I wish i had stopped to get a picture, but alas I did not. Out of the 7 poor dead otters that I saw dead on the side of the road, one turned or heads. It made me think back to when I was driving to work one early morning a few years ago. Pre dawn light was just peeking over the trees as I headed down the intestate when I saw the creature. I was amazed and confused and I thought I must have been confused. It looked like an otter, only with a longer body… and it was HUGE. I’m talking doberman huge. I thought a mongoose had escaped someone’s private managerie. So imagine my surprise today when we see a rottweiler sized otter on the side of the road. Someone… someone please tell me you’ve seen a giant otter in Tampa and I’m not the only one.

What I discovered is that the giant otter is native and only lives in South America. So where and how did these 2 giant otters show up in the Tampa Bay area?

We had a great start to the day. We got up and went to the Florida Caverns. I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook, though I think they’re set to private, not certain. It was fun, I’ve never been in a cave before. Ethan and Terry both enjoyed themselves. LONG drive home though. I’m happy to be in bed.

Good night



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