The hills are calling…

It’s been a tough year. I had a glimmer of hope. The universe dangled a carrot and jumped… BOY did I jump. Alas, it was not to be. Nothing shall be given to me. I will have to scrimp save and fight for everything I want.

Terry and I are getting back on track. We will be working towards making it home this year. I’d like to see the move come over the summer. Summer months I mean, not weather. Just because Florida is not participating in any other season doesn’t mean we can let ourselves get confused.

As much as I’d like to escape to the refuge of the Blue Ridge at the earliest possible chance… if we’re start, we can save more money. The more money we have, the easier it will be to settle in.

So we have ideas. That’s really all they are at this point. We’re keeping options open.

In the end, I would really like to have a large, eco-friendly earth home. What is that you ask? A hobbit hole.


If not one of the prefabricated homes, then I would like to actually dig out and build one. We have to verify with Buncombe County Building code to make sure it’s something we can do.

Until we can afford to have the full house built however, we plan on either doing a bus conversion or buy an older motor home to live in. With a good enough downpayment, we should be able to secure a loan for a piece of land to park it on.


Something just big enough for the three of us until we can build.

It seems that I’m a bit of a hippie. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone that actually knows me. The prospect of minimal living, self sustaining, and peaceful retreat calls to me.

This is what my new year holds. Some form of this. It has to.


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