Very fallible

I love electronics. I’m not one of those social media obsessed zombies, but I’ve always had a knack for just understanding how devices work. I’ve built and repaired my fair share of computers. The devices however, don’t really like me. I can’t wear watches because they die. Cameras stop working in my hands and sewing machines cease function when I step into a room.

Needless to say, that any “smart device” has a few quirks in my hands. I believe there really are ghosts in the machines. I’ve come to terms with the strange auto corrects and odd things that my phone and computer do. But we’ve gotten to know each other, and get along pretty well now.

Recently there has been a new addition. My poor computer is slowly dying,and we found a great deal on a small tablet. It’s pretty quick and versatile. But it’s personality is starting to show. I’ve started a particular blog about five times. I remember starting it a few times. Once I even made it all the way through the post and scheduled it… yet the post does not appear anywhere. Not on WordPress, not in my Google drive, not in the notes… it just keeps vanishing.

For whatever reason, the tablet doesn’t want to share the story of my father. So this time I’m writing it on my phone. It’s a touch slower, but effective nonetheless… at least I hope. If it doesn’t update this time, then there is a higher power at work.

On a brighter note, I’m sitting here with a pair of tickets in my pocket that had the potential to change a lot of lives. People waste and squander their chances, end up going bankrupt, throw away every good thing that they once knew. The universe has a plan for us all, so despite all of the dreams I may have regarding the ticket I hold, I will only get to accomplish what I deserve. It might happen tomorrow, or it might have to be a slow and stay climb. But for today, I have a dream of it happening at once. If being able to actually do everything I’ve set out for instead of sacrificing my ability to give to others just to keep a roof over our heads.

Fingers crossed.


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