A cool little break

Allow me to start this by saying that my son had never seen snow. He wanted so desperately to experience snow, that he even got excited by the snow on his Minecraft game.

I made him a deal, that we would try and catch a weekend where it looked like it was going to snow and turn it into a long weekend to play in the snow in Asheville.

I did not however expect it to show up so quickly.


Work was okay with the short notice, I just had a bunch of make up stuff. I was going to make it just Ethan and I, because I didn’t want to submit Terry to an unseasonably cold snow front.


Not only did he want to come, but he also enjoyed himself. He got to see the Asheville and Black Mountain that I grew up in. The rare snow day that you usually have to live there to catch.




It was a great trip and I’ll never forget it. I can’t wait to make our plans come to life. Hopefully by this time next year, we’ll be able to have fun on ALL the snow days.



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