All you need is faith

I remembered another dream. Being sick seems to inflate my rem.

It was just Ethan and I again. We were friends with a priest. Priest in my dream was Stephen Merchant. He was retiring and needed a replacement. The congregation had been in a tizzy about it for weeks.

Something happened and Ethan and I were currently between homes. Stephen invited me over to show us around his dorm area at the church. It was huge with a back porch that looked over the mountains.

He looked at me and asked if I would take over for him. I laughed. I reminded him that I wasn’t Christian, let alone (whatever denomination this church was). He looked me in the eyes and asked “Do you have faith?”

“Not in any god,” I replied.

“But it IS faith in something?”


“That is all you need to lead people. To make make them feel safe. Just go with what you already know.”

Accepting the position meant a place to live and provide for Ethan all at once. I agreed and the dream ended with me trying to prepare for my first sermon.

How weird? Like seriously weird.


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