It’s electrifying

Ethan and I were being chased. We had been on the run for a while, someone wanted the boy. We ended up in an unfamiliar city and I thought we were safe. Stupid me, I let my guard down just for a minute. Our hunter found us again. I sent Ethan on ahead to a place we’d already set up and I went and made myself a target in the middle of the street. The hunter took the bait and didn’t notice Ethan disappearing around the corner. He “sneaks” up behind me and slips an arm around my shoulders. We converse for a  moment, something witty was said bit I can’t recall what. I pull this awesome move and flip him over my head and book it. I hear an angered yell and he shoots electricity at me. I’ve just ducked behind a fence and the chain link absorbs the blast. People on the crowded night time street panic and it slows him down.

I meet up with Ethan and we have to book it through the mall we took refuge in. He’s hungry though so we stop momentarily to grab him some food. I’m looking over my shoulder every step of the way. I know the hunter is on our tail. I know a back way out of the mall through an old theater. As we got there, someone was waiting for us. I sit Ethan down in the hallway and tell him that I’ll distract the guy. When the door is open, he needs to run and not look back. I walk out into theater parlor. The hunter had set up metal barriers over the doors to make it harder to jump out. I’d learned of his electricity powers long before and I carried on me a pair of carbon fiber katanas. I attacked and we struggled around the room. He was stronger than I, and eventually pins me against the wall between the two exits. Instead of killing me, he leans down and kisses me before stepping away.

“They’re not far behind me. I’ve had to keep up the ruse. I know of a safe way out of the city but I need you to trust me.”

This of course is where I wake up. Did I go with him? Did I take the opportunity and fight back? It was reminiscent of a story I started years ago and I kind of want to go back to it now.


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