As big… and numerous… as all of my plans are. Sometimes I need to take a quick time out to do a few necessary things. Necessary as in long overdue. I’m scanning a bunch of my old pictures.

I thought about taking the easy route. Take them all to work, run them through the autofeed scanner and hope for the best. But I tested it… it just doesn’t do the pictures justice. These are my memories, and these scans will be preserving them to pass down to the future. They need to look good.

I by no means will finish tonight… or this week… or probably even within the next month. And I’m sure I’ll switch gears again before I complete the task…. but just as in everything else. At least I’m working on it.

I give myself until the end of this year to get them completed. This is actually a hard date because after that, we’ll be looking to move – and I don’t think they’ll last in storage. So they have to get scanned and then the hard copies can be divvied up between family.

I’ve half considered letting someone scan them for me… but that’s money better used towards our plans. It just requires me to buckle down and do a little every night. You know… like my packing.

ps. I haven’t actually packed a box each night…. oops.


It’s so very odd. I feel like I’ve been away forever. A little sore tonight, a little tired. I just feel like I’ve dropped the ball again. I put my blinders back up and started moving through life once more. Let’s not look at the details – details are all dinged and dusty. Very random… I know. I’m eccentric like that… or maybe it’s just weird. I don’t think I’m rich enough to be eccentric yet.

I was going to leave a little story with you… but I wanted to share the picture with it. Instead, I’m sharing a picture that goes with one of my older Red Socks posts. The day we went sledding up on Mount Mitchell.



It’s funny how when you start going through old pictures, the memories that were just fuzzy glimmers in the peripheral of your mind comes flooding back. I found myself crying tonight as I flipped through them.

Some Naturing!

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Finally starting to feel like myself again. It’s amazing how something so simple can take so much out of you. We spent all DAY outside yesterday. It was fantastic. Nikki, Kate and I drove up to John B. Sargeant Park and rented a canoe. We didn’t spend too much time actually on the river (being […]

A long day

Perhaps those who know me know that I don’t really enjoy baths. You know, the traditional lay in the tub soaking. Something about stewing in all of your own filth from the day just doesn’t sound appealing unless it’s preceded or followed by a shower. Even then, tubs aren’t designed for larger people, which let’s face it, I still am. It’s impossible to stretch out, lay comfortably and let’s not talk about trying to wriggle out.

Tonight, I’ll try anything to relieve the pain in my side. I went home early. My ribs were hurting so badly that I was dizzy. I even-get this-called my doctor. Not that she called me back with any advice. Not that there’s anything that can really be done. Besides medicate and take it easy. Which believe me I’ve been doing.

I don’t care for the medicate bit, but they haven’t legalized anything natural in Florida yet-the morons. And here I am, looking at moving to an even more prejudice, conservative, and backwards thinking state just because I’m in love with its mountains. There may be something wrong with me mentally. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone, or collective someones, will pull their heads out of their posterior between now and then.

I have briefly considered looking at Colorado or Washington… but that’s still not home. I still miss home. Though if the country keeps barreling headfirst into de-evolution I may seriously apply to move to Canada. I like the cold. I’ll start brushing up on my French just in case. By brushing up, I mean learn outright.

In more somber news, there is the tragedy that took place in Brussels. And America has turned a blind eye. A nation of self absorbed preoccupied fools. My heart goes out to the family members of all those affected. May your loved ones find peace and hopefully a better world in their next life.

The world is doomed

There are so many people in this world that absolutely hate themselves. They look in the mirror and cannot stand what they see. Instead of trying to transform what they see into the person they could become, they instead wave a huge flag for all to see. “Look at me!” the flag reads. “Love me! I’m amazing!” it ripples in all of it’s splendid color, attracting followers. They flock to this unhappy miser with words of encouragement. “You are great,” they assure these people. “Never change!”

What these people don’t understand, is that these unhappy people don’t need this encouragement. They need someone to hold up the mirror. Someone to help them look at the truth and show them the path they should be on so that they can find love in themselves. So that they don’t need these hundreds of faceless voices, but so that the only voice they need to bring a smile to their face – is their own.

Art to go!

So I fell in love with the idea of the portable water colors from the second I saw them. Okay SURE they’ve sold them in stores… but I like to make my own stuff. I like my things to look original, if not a little beat up. It’s character – my character. Granted, I’m no great painter, but the idea was fun to play around with.

Besides, practice makes perfect, right?