When big foot attacks!

No woman ever said that she enjoyed her large feet. There are many reasons. Whether you’re tall, short, chubby, thin… your feet will always look disproportionate to you. Always.

Sure they make large sized shoes, but they are more like comical representations of regular sized shoes and more often than not appear as clown shoes when you try them on.

Most women with large feet are often plagued with high arches and numerous other problems.

I am no different. I have my own personal history and love affair with the clunky hiking boots and after speaking to someone at REI last year I bought a nice pair of Merrell Moabs. They felt great right out of the box, I wore them around the store for a while and I was just excited to get a new pair so I could hit the trails.

In my excitement however, I seemed to be focusing on the wrong things. After my first full day wearing them, I was sorely disappointed. I couldn’t wait to get home and chuck them across the room. They clung tightly against the top of my foot and my toes would start to lose feeling. My insole ached and the pain inched up my already bad back. I’ve tried breaking them in since then, and they work in a pinch (They’re all I have at this point).

Needless to say I was super thrilled to be making a trip back to our ONLY REI in Florida yesterday. I decided to try a pair of trail runners. I had a few in mind that I’ve had my eyes on. The Ahnu Sugarpines or Salomon XR’s I thought might work great. Terry has a pair of Salomon boots that he wouldn’t trade out if you paid him.

We arrived in Jacksonville and ate lunch before entering the store. We head straight back and I start looking. I figured I would try the clearance shoes first and work my way up the line.

After three long hours however, with sour spirits, I threw in the towel. I tried on every style trail runner they offered and even a couple of road runners and boots to no avail. The Salomon’s I could slip my foot right out of, I had to tie the Ahnu’s so tight to keep from slipping that they hurt. I even tried on the Merrell Grassbow and All Out. My foot either slipped around inside, rubbed against the heal, pinched at the top…. Nothing.


I miss my shoes…. :,(

I owned a pair of running shoes not long ago, the Reebok Zig trainers with bright teal and yellow. I love them for street running. I left them on the porch one night to dry out after getting wet and someone stole them. So I thought you know – that would work fine to get back into the swing of hiking. They never once hurt my feet and I loved every second that I wore them. I already know they fit great so I can order them online without even having to go out.

But of course they were JUST too old. They no longer sell the same style – and I’m not about to buy a pair of shoes without trying them on. So it would seem my quest today is to trek down to Brandon and start the hunt. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need a miracle.


One thought on “When big foot attacks!

  1. I absolutely hate having to go buy new hiking shoes. 😦 It sucks. You never know what they are really like till your out there and they are killing your feet. I feel your pain!

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