I’ve missed one of these somewhere.

As always, I head off to bed with things unfinished. I accomplished a bit. I crafted my little camp stove out of a cat food can and tested it out with dinner. I worked on my hiking staff, cutting a bit and sanding. I made a phone call to REI about my shoes. Learned how to play “Hurt” on my ukulele. I put together my upcycled mint watercolor tin and crafted a little water color notebook to carry with it. Watched a movie with Terry and chatted a bit with Nikki. All in all, I’d say that’s pretty dammed good for an afternoon.

But I couldn’t head off to bed without thanking Jess at Life with Jess for nominating me for image41

I’ve been nominated for something else as well ages ago. Looking back on it, I didn’t follow through, barely acknowledged it even. I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never been very good at keeping up with things like this. I hadn’t even dug into WordPress to see how things worked. I just clicked on new and typed and got distracted and that was it.

So the rules for the One Lovely Blog are as follows:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and link their blog in the post.
  • You must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  • You add 7 facts about yourself
  • Then nominate at least 5 people and let them know by commenting on their blog

Seven facts about myself

  1. I would rather be lonely than be homesick. Despite my social anxiety kicking in, I’ve always been good at finding at least one or two quality friends, so being “alone” doesn’t scare me. The gut wrenching, unending call of the mountains however drags each day out into agony while I can barely breath in the hot, subtropical climate of Florida.
  2. I WILL be an author. I have hit numerous bumps along the road, and the books have hit the back burner more often than I care for, but it’s going to happen.
  3. I have wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail since I was eight years old. I couldn’t even fathom what that meant for most of my life, but after months of research and finding groups about it, my resolve has become even stronger to accomplish this goal.
  4. I miss my mom. Sure that should be towards the top of the list… but it’s more like this subsurface ache. An old festering wound that I try not to focus on because it hurts too much. Any time I don’t gloss over the subject of my mom I break down and cry – like now. That seems unfair to her memory, but it gets me through the day.
  5. I want to go hang gliding. Most thrill seekers want to jump out of a perfectly good plane with a parachute, but not I. I’ve dreamt of soaring, not falling.
  6. I like being independent. I catch myself at times letting too many things slip past relying on people for too many things and I somehow feel cheated.
  7. I daydream at LEAST once every day. Sometimes it’s about the future, sometimes it’s about ideas for the books. Sometimes it’s absolutely silly fangirl whimsy about someone I’m smitten with at the moment. Not sure if that comes as a surprise to anyone, but admitting it is actually difficult.

Last but not least, my own nominations.

  1. The Better Man Project is one of the first blogs I read on WordPress. It spoke to me then and still does. Evan’s posts always bring a smile to my face.
  2. Opinionated Man made me chuckle when I read his first blog. More often than not, I still find myself chuckling.
  3. Pinz is NOBO is a fellow adventurer and lover of the outdoors. I’m enjoying watching as she moves toward and through the Appalachian Trail.
  4. Bunny Hikes is another great blog of a brave woman who took on the AT.
  5. Live Life Love and Bacon because OMG BACON!! I won’t be able to enjoy it for much longer, I want to savor it.

And I think that’s it for tonight. Trying to get used to the time change is tough. And all those things that I said I did earlier… I’ll get pictures and stuff of them up soon. It’ll be pretty rad.


One thought on “I’ve missed one of these somewhere.

  1. I appreciate your kind words! Thank you so much for the mention! 🙂

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