The world is doomed

There are so many people in this world that absolutely hate themselves. They look in the mirror and cannot stand what they see. Instead of trying to transform what they see into the person they could become, they instead wave a huge flag for all to see. “Look at me!” the flag reads. “Love me! I’m amazing!” it ripples in all of it’s splendid color, attracting followers. They flock to this unhappy miser with words of encouragement. “You are great,” they assure these people. “Never change!”

What these people don’t understand, is that these unhappy people don’t need this encouragement. They need someone to hold up the mirror. Someone to help them look at the truth and show them the path they should be on so that they can find love in themselves. So that they don’t need these hundreds of faceless voices, but so that the only voice they need to bring a smile to their face – is their own.


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