A long day

Perhaps those who know me know that I don’t really enjoy baths. You know, the traditional lay in the tub soaking. Something about stewing in all of your own filth from the day just doesn’t sound appealing unless it’s preceded or followed by a shower. Even then, tubs aren’t designed for larger people, which let’s face it, I still am. It’s impossible to stretch out, lay comfortably and let’s not talk about trying to wriggle out.

Tonight, I’ll try anything to relieve the pain in my side. I went home early. My ribs were hurting so badly that I was dizzy. I even-get this-called my doctor. Not that she called me back with any advice. Not that there’s anything that can really be done. Besides medicate and take it easy. Which believe me I’ve been doing.

I don’t care for the medicate bit, but they haven’t legalized anything natural in Florida yet-the morons. And here I am, looking at moving to an even more prejudice, conservative, and backwards thinking state just because I’m in love with its mountains. There may be something wrong with me mentally. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone, or collective someones, will pull their heads out of their posterior between now and then.

I have briefly considered looking at Colorado or Washington… but that’s still not home. I still miss home. Though if the country keeps barreling headfirst into de-evolution I may seriously apply to move to Canada. I like the cold. I’ll start brushing up on my French just in case. By brushing up, I mean learn outright.

In more somber news, there is the tragedy that took place in Brussels. And America has turned a blind eye. A nation of self absorbed preoccupied fools. My heart goes out to the family members of all those affected. May your loved ones find peace and hopefully a better world in their next life.


One thought on “A long day

  1. Colorado has all the healing you need! Come here! 🙂

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