Some Naturing!

Finally starting to feel like myself again. It’s amazing how something so simple can take so much out of you. We spent all DAY outside yesterday. It was fantastic.

Nikki, Kate and I drove up to John B. Sargeant Park and rented a canoe. We didn’t spend too much time actually on the river (being novice paddlers) but it was still beautiful and fun.

Afterward, none of us were really ready to come back inside. We drove home. Collected Terry and Ethan and decided to all go strawberry picking over at Favorite Farms. It was late in the season, but we found a good five quarts of them. FYI, if you’re picking berries, bring something to carry them home in just in case. Some places will provide the little plastic cases, others have nothing. Hooray for reusing grocery bags.

I washed them all, cut off the tops, and we started making things with strawberries I made some strawberry and cream cupcakes (with enough supplies to make another batch for our potluck on Monday. Nikki cooked a few down to make some sorbet, and I still have a large ziplock bag full of them for other things. I think I want to make some strawberry juice or something.

I still wasn’t exhausted, and determined to finally start the 100 by summer hiking challenge with my pooches, I got my first mile in with Nikki and Ethan.

And by the end of the day… I was not in agony. A touch sore, but my side was tolerable enough to actually sleep regularly in the bed.

I’m not sure why my body was so adamant about getting up this morning. My eyes don’t share it’s enthusiasm for the day, but I’m sure after some coffee I’ll be fine.


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