As big… and numerous… as all of my plans are. Sometimes I need to take a quick time out to do a few necessary things. Necessary as in long overdue. I’m scanning a bunch of my old pictures.

I thought about taking the easy route. Take them all to work, run them through the autofeed scanner and hope for the best. But I tested it… it just doesn’t do the pictures justice. These are my memories, and these scans will be preserving them to pass down to the future. They need to look good.

I by no means will finish tonight… or this week… or probably even within the next month. And I’m sure I’ll switch gears again before I complete the task…. but just as in everything else. At least I’m working on it.

I give myself until the end of this year to get them completed. This is actually a hard date because after that, we’ll be looking to move – and I don’t think they’ll last in storage. So they have to get scanned and then the hard copies can be divvied up between family.

I’ve half considered letting someone scan them for me… but that’s money better used towards our plans. It just requires me to buckle down and do a little every night. You know… like my packing.

ps. I haven’t actually packed a box each night…. oops.


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