The room was dim, and cold. Torch light flickered and I got a look as my eyes finally adjusted. The walls were stone and… pixelated? A loud noise came from the door and a creature starts into the room. I panicked and ran, and dove behind a small half wall with some sort of half pig, half person wallowing around. I haven’t gotten a good look at whatever is breaking through the door, but I’m terrified and confused and spam my first down and discovered I can break through the floor? Why the HELL am I in a minecraft like game?

I scramble through the small hole to the platform below and run. Everything is blocky and dark, sounds are echoing from every surface. I skid to a halt just before dashing across an intersection and catch my breath. I can hear the thing making a larger hole to chase after me. I peer around the corner to see the silhouette of an old 1950’s creepy green faced witch down the hall. She spots be out of the corner of her eye and I bolt once more.

My mind is racing, I don’t understand. I reach a dead end and start hammering my way through the wall, but it’s too late, they’re on me.

The next thing I know, I’m back in the small room. Wait just a freaking minute. Did I just respawn? The pounding is at the door again. I’m not as confused this time. This time I  hear a voice. I remember hearing it before but I was too dumbfounded to listen.

The creature busting through the door is not my enemy. I am some how trapped in this game and the only way out is to live, survive and immerse myself in with the bots for a year in virtual time. Every time I fail or die, I will respawn at this spot and the time starts over.

I still don’t understand… I don’t know why, but I act quickly. What ever I do, it works. I flash forward to almost a year later. I’ve nearly lost myself in the game. The graphics at some point improved, or I no longer notice they’re horrible. My character is the daughter of the main witch queen. I find out that someone is trying to sabotage me to keep me locked away in this virtual horror story. So I sneak out to avoid their trap, only that means I have to survive the next few days outside of the safety of my electronic family and the parameters of the game.

I wake up before I know if I make it.


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