I almost ruined my lunch by not thinking. I put my soup in a container the other night, forgetting that the container is not heat safe. I saved it at the last minute and transferred it to a large coffee cup. Hooray. Rejoice in the vastness of American coffee mugs! Let’s face it folks, only do WE need a cup that will hold 30 ounces of coffee sugar and cream.

So I have found a new pair of shoes. They… are not amazing. They’re not bad. In fact they feel pretty good when I put them on. They don’t rub, they don’t pinch and my feet don’t go numb. They’re lightweight and cool on my feet. The draw back is that they do happen to rub a bit on my bunyon if I have them pulled as tight as I like, which can make for sore feet. I tried wearing a bunyon guard, but that just causes WAY more pain than it’s worth.

But I’ll stick with my pretty good shoes until I wear them out. By then I should have lost enough weight that other shoes might feel differently. You feet take a lot of abuse, especially when you’re carrying extra pounds. Fingers crossed losing some will help. These pretty good shoes, are the Asics Cumulus 17. They’re pretty and BRIGHT teal. They’re so bright they almost glow in the dark, which admitedly I’m severely tempted to grab some glow in the dark paint and go over the yellow on them.

So far I’ve only put about five miles on them. Tipsy has helped me with that. I’m still – mind you STILL- freaking recovering from bruised ribs *grumble grumble*.

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