Here I sit… being responsible and productive and stuff. I’m actually sitting at my computer browsing through different Earth Day, Arbor Day and Hiking sites. A MASSIVE part of me feels like I’m goofing off… but in this last hour I’ve scheduled probably half a dozen facebook posts to hit DreamHikeLove over the next couple of months. Could doing what you love feel like wasting time? It is definitely something to look into.

Did you know that there’s a national trail day? Like a day to celebrate being outside and hiking? For real. It’s Saturday, June 4th. I plan on taking my happy feet out and exploring somewhere.

I’m still mulling over future adventures. I say adventures… I just mean livelihood. Obviously at the top of the list is Author. Being that the salary for starting authors is amazingly low – that means I will still need a day job. So how does one manage a day job that doesn’t keep them too stressed out to write, or enjoy their family? By working with nature.

Wilderness therapy, Sierra Club leader, Park Ranger, Conservationist… there’s something out there for me. I’ll find it once I get moved and settled. It will fall into my lap because it’ll be where I’m supposed to be. It’ll be my next lesson… my next big adventure.


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