It lurks behind aisle 2

I was being chased. This wasn’t a wholly new experience. I think the theory behind it is that we feel like life is running us down and it creeps into our subconscious. But back to being chased. This was a dream – if you couldn’t already tell.

I was running through a store… only I was tiny. I was small enough to stand on the shelves and hide behind items there. Yet each step carried me further than it should have. I could cross great expanses with my teeny legs. I often experienced size distortion in my dreams. Sometimes when I’m awake, but it’s rare. Alice in Wonderland syndrome is what they call it. I’ve looked it up. It’s often assocaited with migraines… which is odd because I’ve never been very prone to migraines. The closest I can think is that it preceded silent migraines (which are attacks that don’t actually cause pain). Bonus for me I guess… and the distortion has never been dibilitating. Or rather probably COULD be, but I almost always get them when I’m at home or in the evenings.

The store in my dream, is almost always a Toys R Us. Not a real Toys R Us… a dream version. Something dark, uninviting, eerie almost with oversized boxes and looming towers of shelves. I know why I used to have this recurring dream. It haunted me whenever I was stressed at work – I used to work at Toys R Us. It hasn’t revisited me since I left there nearly seven years ago.

I just realized that it’s been nearly seven years. I hadn’t counted. I blinked and here I am, looking back on the stress and bad memories. It wasn’t ALL bad… I met a lot of interesting people… and I have a lot of hillarious stories that I’ll get around to sharing. No… not all bad. But I would have to be desperate to go back to it – or any retail for that matter. I’ve gotten spoiled by my easy office hours. Paid vacations, holidays off, my feet and back not screaming at me every night.


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