The great explorers

At the time that we lived in the brown house, it was mom, dad, my brother Jimmy and myself. Johnny and his wife Kay lived just up the hill from us. Jimmy’s best friend, Jimmy Hutto, would always come over to hang out.

Old Red Socks LOVED to explore. He was happy as a clam to take the car out and just drive. He didn’t need a destination, he just liked the trip.

This particular night, when everyone was over, he had a destination in mind. Beer was involved – it usually was. And after all of the penis bearing members of my family were comfortably inebriated, my father announced they were going on an adventure. There was no arguing with him, no stopping him.

I wanted so desperately to go. I didn’t care where they were headed, I had my father’s wanderlust. My mother put her foot down however. Johnny (who had not been drinking) promised to keep an eye on them all. I mentioned before that the view from our deck at the brown house put our eyes on the mountain peaks of Lakey Knob and High Top Mountain. There were homes built onto the sides of these hills (we could see their lights at night). My father decided he wanted to go get a look at these homes.

So Old Red Socks, Johnny, Jimmy and Jimmy piled into my dad’s oldsmobile and started driving. I sat at home, playing on the deck, wishing I could see the houses as well. My mom and Kay remained inside talking.

The hours ticked by and they weren’t back. I could tell mom was starting to get worried. Dusk was creeping up quickly. There were no such things as cell phones yet, so we were soon going to be in the literal dark. It wasn’t long after the sky went black that we noticed different lights than normal on the side of the mountain. They were flashing in a general S.O.S. pattern.

We knew immediately that it was our men. My mom had already been on the phone with the police and she passed the information along to them. After another couple of hours, the four of them were delivered safely by some officers. The rain from a few nights prior had caused the roads to get all muddy on the mountain. Dad’s car had gotten stuck. The next day they had to call a tow truck to climb the mountain and bring the oldsmobile back down.

I still would have liked to have been there.


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