Try again

Sometimes your own ideas are the best ideas. I made Tipsy a harness. It worked amazing, though in my novice paracord weaving abilities, made a weak spot and it broke. When I finally received my new paracord to make a new harness (which I completed by the way) I decided to try a different design. I saw this interesting design where the clip is in the front of the chest so that the dog can’t really pull. I figure out how to tie the paracord so that it’s a perfect fit.

Only the design was faulty. Not only was she still able to pull on the harness, but she was even able to get out of it. I was sorely disappointed. So, back to the drawing board we go. I have a whole, untouched roll of paracord. I’m going to use it to just remake my original design that was working so well. I’ll recycle the other one to Chloe’s size and both puppies will be set with their new hiking harnesses.

Hike with your dogs – if you don’t already. The outdoors is therapeutic, not only for you, but for your pups. Just go romping through a field together, stop and smell the wildflowers… oh yeah – and wear your bug spray (both of you). No one needs mosquito bites… *scratches at mosquito bites on leg*


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