No med needed

It’s bad when I have a dream so weird, and I can’t even blame it on medication.

I was either dating or married to Nathan Fillion (I know, right?!). It gets weirder… or cooler… you decide.

We were companions to the Doctor. You know… Who. The Doctor decided to become a business owner (it was a front for one of his exploits) and left us in charge of fixing it up. It was an old style western saloon, some where in England (probably London). I found myself though affected by the glamor that had been placed over the city. Fictional characters were coming to life and running rampant through the streets.

Lo and behold, who walks in, but Captain Malcom Reynolds (please note above whom I’m already partnered with in this dream). Only these characters were mischievous, and causing havoc. But I’m following the Captain around like a lost puppy, completely oblivious to why or what he’s doing. Nathan keeps trying to get my attention, but I’m gone.

Well I’m not gone enough to completely ignore the renovation of this saloon. I get back to work, but the Captain comes in with a hoard of rambunctious characters. We have liquor on hand already, so we serve up some drinks and start having fun. Nathan is over it at this point, throws his hands up and walks out.

The Captain and other characters start partying hard when a group of villainous characters walk in. Who else must make a cameo in any sort of science fiction production, but Mark Sheppard as Crowley from supernatural. A full on bar brawl ensues and I’m caught in the middle of it.

Of course I bite off more than I can chew and get myself thrown through a wall, just as Nathan was running back up to see what was happening. I sit up and shake my head in a daze to find that the glamor was knocked out of me. I give him the most apologetic look. “I am  SO sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, but now what?” He says.

I lean in through the hole I just came flying through and wave down one of the workers. “Hey, let’s clean this shit up.”

The worker nods, and all of them stop what they’re doing and turn on the brawl. Whatever the saloon was, it had attracted all of the characters in the city and they were now in one spot to be taken care of.

And of course… that’s where I woke up.


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