Big surprise

So last year, I sat down and reworked a whole plethora of ideas for Forgotten Guardian. There were quite a few changes that needed to be made to polish it for a finished project. I worked everything out and started writing on my staycation.

Then… my life went topsy turvey. The list thing in the world I wanted to do was look at a computer. I barely touched it again. So much so that my already limping computer, finally died.

No big deal. I didn’t have ANYTHING saved on my computer. I heavily use Google Drive for just this reason and it has truly saved my ass. However, I went searching for that beginning so that I can re-read and get back into the FG swing…

Wouldn’t you know, that I never exported that work to a .doc file. It’s all saved in the Scriviner trial I was using. Which means I now have to reinstall Scriviner to be able to access those files so that I can keep working with them. Good job Jen… Leave it to you.


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