A long time ago… in a small city not TOO far away… Nikki and I grew up. We’ve always been zany and imaginative with WAY too much time on our hands. Well what happens when 2 kids with too much time on their hands have access to the internet? Well luckily better crap than happens now a-days – but perhaps I’m biased.

I created a website. A few of them actually. I dabbled in HTML, CSS, but my first was a simple template site through tripod. Do you remember tripod? Or angelfire or geocities? Good gracious how I wanted a geocities site with the prefix of soho… but NO…. that was a different category than what my….  *ahem* Anyway.

What we posted on these sites was our crazy writings. Mostly the funny stuff… but for some ungodly reason we (I) put up some of the partial ideas for other works as well.

Years pass….

A few more years….

Throw in a decade and keep counting people….

I lost track of everything – didn’t think anything of it. Wouldn’t you freaking know that through all of the buyouts and change overs… that freaking site was still online? I can type a specific word set in… and up it comes…. *snickers* to Nikki’s horror and dismay.

I told her – I haven’t accessed it so long, it’s probably impossible to pull it down. Besides – I was amused. So I check. Tripod still takes you somewhere… somewhere with a log in button. Well, I only had one email prior to my regular… I know that’s what I used. Let’s give it a shot.

I stare at the password box for a moment. Try the first one. Nada. Another. Nope… not looking good. One more….. there’s a delay…. and sure as shit up pops the control board. I honestly have access to this antique. So under Nikki’s strict supervision, I tore down the site…. well…. almost all of the site. With her permission, I left one up.

It’s horrible. Poorly written… but funny as hell. The results of two board teenagers digesting far too much caffeine while watching the sci-fi (None of this syfy crap) channel in the afternoons. It’s out there… I’ll include a link because it no longer comes up in a search. I submit for you the humility that is Weekday Afternoon.



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