So many dreams

I have a list as tall as a redwood of all the things I want to do in life. The prospect of so many things thrills ama terrifies me at the same time. How can I possibly prioritize all of these things. If I can’t find enough time in a day to complete everything I set out to do, how can I table all of my dreams in only one mere lifetime? Not to mention, I’m in no way am affluent person. How can one experience these adventures on a pocket lint budget?

I suppose step one is make the dreaded bucket list. Do I put all of these hopes in writing? I feel like if I put them on paper and never accomplish them that somehow I’ve failed. I tend to set myself up for quite a bit of failure… do I tarnish all of dreams by making them public?

Everyone always says they just need to win the lottery. I say it quite often myself, but I don’t even care about that. The money is only the means to satisfying my wanderlust and adventure. I’ve supressed it for so long. There’s always responsibilities, work, family… but my family would love these adventures, and work…. well why can’t I make this my living? I just don’t know how. I know people do it. But I am a meek introverted person… where do I even begin?


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