More than meets the eye

You know when you have those dreams that leave you feeling weird and uneasy? That was last night. First I was dreaming about a sword fight. The blades were so thin and razor sharp that it looked like both people were waving around plastic swords. I commented on this at one point and it was explained to me that they were very rare. Only one man in all of Japan had mastered their creation. The dream then flips over to a different one.

Now in our house and Ethan is playing with some toy robots that he found, only one of them isn’t a toy. It comes to life like a mini transformer. It cannot speak, almost like it’s an infant. We’re not sure how to take care of it though, or what to do. If we call the wrong people something bad could happen to it. I go out to our gardening shed while we think about it and find a little baby humming bird. In my mind, I knew it wasn’t. It was large and fluffy and just hovering in space like something pretending to be a baby humming bird. Like someone that knew penguins were fluff balls before becoming sleek and waterproof, therefore all birds must be like that.

I reached out and picked it up and it’s wings kept flapping. It didn’t seem real. I held it gingerly by the long beak and observed it in utter confusion. Terry came out and looked at it over my shoulder. He wrapped his hands around it and I started protesting. The fluff started to fall away to reveal a small black bundle. The bundle moved. It was a fairy, wrapped tightly in a cloak. Terry grabbed a bottle and stuck her down inside if it. This made me very upset. He argued that there was enough air inside for her to breathe for a bit until we could figure out what to do.


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