Head’s up!

It’s not the first time I’ve dreamt about something falling out of the sky towards me. The dream I had the other night would have been beautiful, if not for being scary.

I was at someone’s house in a gorgeous little HOA. Every lawn was perfectly manicured, a small picket fence wrapped around the front of each yard. Each house was a little bungalow beach style place with bright colors and there were thick branches from old growth trees hanging down over the roads.

I got upset with someone inside the house we were visiting and I stormed outside. It was dark out, no moon was visible. The warm glow of street lights cast odd shadows because of the tree branches. But that wasn’t the only light.

The drive I was standing in was a corner lot. Down one side of the road were these brightly colored, brightly lit things bobbing ominously in the front yards of many of the homes. They looked like giant, inflatable monsters looming over the homes. I stared at them in confusion, trying to figure out what they were when I hear this noise above my head. Lights appear in the sky, swirling in bright colors over me.

As I watch the lights over my head, something starts to take form. A white school bus, covered in a twist of glowing colors falls out of the lights and crashes into the ground beside me. I didn’t bother moving because I could see where it was going to land. Even after it’s plummet, it still glowed with the light from above. I look back up to see something else materialize. I dive out of the way just as a classic VW Beetle tumbles down after the bus.

I run down the street, away from the inflatable monsters. The road in this direction lead to the community pool. As I jog through the pool deck, dark figures appear and swarm me. I duck and roll out of their grasp and continue running. A friend must have heard the commotion because just as I jump over the low white gate of the pool, she’s there with the car.

I dive through the window and we escape the figures that ran after us for a few more yards.

And that was it. That’s what I remember.


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