The Dark City

My mind often constructs whole worlds. Sometimes they’re conscious creations, sometimes they’re in my dreams. I tend to have the darkest of them lurk into creation when I’m asleep.

There is a dark place in my dreams I call Dream Ybor. I only refer to it this way because my mind told me that it was supposed to be Ybor. It was in the script so to say. The differences between the real Ybor and Dream Ybor are far to numerous to list. They are infact completely different cities. Dream Ybor… is a gateway.

It’s hidden away from the rest of the world. You park in a dingy little lot at the edge of town. If you walk towards the buildings of the city, it takes you toward the ACTUAL city. But if walk toward the trees… you find the entrance to realm beyond.

As the trees thin, you see buildings. There aren’t really roads, just individual standing brownstone shops growing as randomly out of the ground as the trees. This area is bathed in the golden light of sunset. Eventually as you move through them, they start to fall in line and create the strip someone might recognize as a shadow version of 7th street. It’s always dark here. Gaslamps glow along the edge of the cobble street and in windows. Shadow people lurk in alley ways, watching you as you pass down the street.

Behind the buildings, is the forest of night. Bathed in the fresh darkness just after twilight, fireflies dip and bob through the trees. Wisps and shades try to lure people into the woods through the other side.

The only safe way back, is toward the random shops, toward the sunset woods. Only then will you wake.


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