Treading the fibers of fate

I’d like to assure that things have calmed down. That we’re moved and settled and back to school and work and setting up a routine, but the whole notion makes me chuckle. I can’t imagine what a calm and manageable life would be like. I imagine a touch boring.

I’m sure for those few steadfast followers of my blog, you often find yourselves sitting back and chuckling at how often I change my plans, or how wishy-washy I must seem. I don’t blame you. At one point in time I would have blamed it on my astrological sign. I’m a Cancer you see with a Capricorn ascendant, which means I am ruled by 2 cardinal signs. I’m great at starting things, GUNG HO!!  But the follow through? Weeeelllll….. If I don’t see results, I need a new plan.

The goals have at least stayed the same.

Get to the mountains. Move to the Blue Ridge. Make it home.

And sometimes… those other plans aren’t abandoned…. just postponed until I see how the next step turns out.

Well I just found my next step, and it’s a doozy. I’m standing at the edge of it with my heart pounding. It’s thrilling, terrifying, and fell into my lap as though designed specifically for me at this point in time.

If I never believed in fate, this would be enough to change my mind.


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