The universe is talking, if you’d only listen

I woke up feeling grumpy. It happens. I probably didn’t sleep well, or I just couldn’t get motivated. I had dreamed of mom, and that always makes me sad. I was down because I’m still in Florida and it’s been so atrociously hot that I can barely breathe. I’m stomping through the house trying to get myself ready, feed the animals, contemplate lunch.

I let out a huff. I don’t want to be grumpy all day. It makes the day miserable.

I take my first sip of coffee and relax a bit. It tasted good. Sometimes you nail that perfect amount of creamer and sugar and the coffee just tastes amazing. I grab my purse and step outside… and can breathe… It’s amazing outside, only about seventy degrees. The last few weeks had brought oppressively hot temperatures so even at eight in the morning, it’s in the eighties.

I stand there for a moment, my bad mood has lifted. I remember someone talking previously about how it was supposed to be a one day reprieve because of the storm North of us. I glance up at the sky and smile and get in my car.


I pull up to the stop light that will take me toward work when I see her. She’s a hundred feet away, frolicking in the tall grasses beyond the school. She popped her head up and looked my way and began dancing in the grass again before vanishing beyond the building. Now you can take seeing a red fox in the morning any way you like… I chose to take as the universe reaching out to me. You see, they’re one of my favorite animal. And the only time that I’ve ever seen one in the wild… was on Curtis Creek road in Old Fort, North Carolina.

“Okay Universe, I’m listening.”

I’ve started listening to a podcast called Park Leaders, hosted by John Maberry. It’s a wonderful program, and I started it from the very beginning. You see I’ve been thinking over these few years how much I love the mountains. How I’d give anything to spend my days eyeballs deep in the Blue Ridge. And how the park ranger program might actually be something for me. I had actually emailed the Park Leaders website the night before asking for any suggestions.

The problem with getting into the program – is one – you have to be there. But you have to have experience or a degree, or be able to volunteer your time. Currently – I’ve got none of this. When they emailed me back in the late morning, they confirmed everything that I’ve been reading about these last few years. So I file away the desire as something to follow up on once I make it to the mountains.

As I sat and listened to the podcast this morning, the guest speaker they had on was a member of the Conservation Corps based out of California. He was pretty much saying how the corps teaches these young adults all the skills they need to work hand and hand with the park rangers. It caught my attention and I decided to look up what he was talking about. It didn’t really appear that I qualified for the program, but if nothing else, I have three young nephews and a handful of young friends that might enjoy the opportunity.

The website was not very mobile friendly. So I emailed them some questions. I received a response by the next day.

To my surprise, not only did I qualify for the corps program, but there were some openings that fell in the perfect time frame for me.

We are just moving in with Terry’s grandma to save some money to move. What this means is that our current expenses fall drastically. Enough so that if I take this opportunity, we’d be able to make it on one income – which ISN’T something we could have done in the past, or likely again in the next couple of years.

It’s six months of the exact experience that I need for the park rangers, it provides me with the volunteer criteria, issues an education award at the end so that I can obtain further certifications – and the best part is that it’s based right in the heart of Asheville. My heart skipped a beat. I actually cried when I was reading the email. The thought that something so perfect could have fallen into my lap at JUST such a time…. I sobbed for a few moments, blubbering my thanks to the universe for stalling everything else out so that I would be available for this chance.



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