The man in the red socks

I got to see the old man this weekend. He will never change. And at this point in his life, I hope he never does. I’ve accepted the crazy old bat that he is and love him for it.

My father flew down for a long weekend to visit with my brother. We drove down and had dinner with them. It was a nice evening, though my dad isn’t happy unless he’s insulting someone. It doesn’t have to be to their faces, it can be behind their backs. Though I was pleasantly surprised to see him bheave this time. 

I keep staring at the calendar to try and figure out a long weekend or something to take a little trip up to TN to see him again and my sister. I know Ethan would love to go up. We have A LOT to plan around though. A friend’s wedding, a friend’s party, Halloween, board meetings, mailout schedules… but I think Ethan and I can spare a weekend. If we go the middle week, I can take Ethan to the Woolly Worm Festival. 


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